Toddlers are adorable dressed up in bee costumes for Halloween, but there is nothing cute about the real thing making a nest near or in your home. Most bee hives will be found outdoors, but as bees prefer a dark, protected area, hives can be found in chimneys or attics as well.


Most of the 16,000 bee species live in colonies with their queen, and are known for their honey and pollen. These winged insects feed on nectar, which is their protein, and pollen, which provides other nutrients, especially for their larvae. Bees need pollen to survive and they transfer it from one plant to another to pollinate. This process is carried out by the “worker” bees, most of the 60,000 bees in each hive.


Even knowing the importance of this insect’s role in nature, they are a nuisance to people. When a bee stings, they inject venom. Bee stings are painful and potentially medically threatening if allergic. Dealing with bees or a nest is dangerous, and it is always best to call an expert. Squared Away Pest Control will take care of your bee or hive issues safely and professionally.