Rodents are persistent, dynamic pests. They have a great sense of smell, hearing, and touch. They can gnaw through almost anything, including lead, aluminum, cement, and cinder blocks. Rats can squeeze through an opening as small as ½ an inch, and a mouse can get through a ¼ of an inch opening!


And rats reproduce quickly & frequently: the Norway Rat – one of the most common types of rats in the Northeast US – can have 8 to 12 pups in a litter & she can have 4 to 6 litters in a year! That’s between 32 to almost 75 rats per year from a single rat mother. Now picture them living in your backyard…. Scary.


Rats mature to adulthood in two to three months, and they have a life span of about 1 year in the wild. They normally live in the ground, rats are omnivorous but they prefer meat and require about an once of water per day. They thrive when there is a source of water – think: puddles, ornamental ponds and pools, birdbaths – nearby.


Mice will set up their nest near food sites. They prefer to dine on cereal, grains, and seeds. Unlike rats, they require little water to survive. Like rats, mice are reproductive machines: a mother mouse can have 4 to 7 pups (baby mice are also called “pinkies” because of their pink color at birth) in a litter and up to 8 litters in her life time! Mice mature in 5 to 8 weeks – so in little over a month, all the females in a litter will begin to produce “pinkies” of their own. That’s literally dozens and dozens of mice per year running around in your basement, attic, kitchen, or yard.


So if you feel like you have had enough of these rodents ….. get in touch with us we will make them a memory! And don’t forget – we guarantee our work!