It may be every vacationer’s worst nightmare, but bed bugs are not a threat solely to travelers, as these parasitic insects can also be picked up at movie theaters, retail stores, public libraries, and other common locations. Once in your home, bed bugs can be painful emotional & physical nuisances and almost impossible to eradicate on your own. Bed bugs will use their sharp proboscises, or beaks, to break through human skin and consume blood.

Sounds alarming, but are you in the dark about the signs of a bed bug infestation?

What do bed bugs look like?

The adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed, and the youngest nymphs (babies) can be the size of a speck of dirt. The unfed nymphs are light-colored, whereas a bed bug that has fed will be red, rust, or brown in color.

Bedbug bites themselves are not usually harmful, since bedbugs are not known to spread diseases, another aspect of an infestation of this sort is the stigma and anxiety linked to the issue. Historically, people’s whose homes become infested with bedbugs experience a significant psychological toll, and can have trouble sleeping at night due to the fear of being bitten. It’s important to note that these creatures do not discriminate between invading clean or dirty homes, as often believed. Eliminating a bedbug infestation is difficult, and it’s necessary to contact a professional to thoroughly handle the matter, ensuring the problem does not persist.

Bed bugs right along the piping of a mattress which is one of their favorite places to hide.
Notice those black marks on the mattress, those are fecal stains.

Heat Assault 500 X –
Our bed bug eradication equipment, the Heat Assault 500X, is the most eco-friendly bed bug eradication system on the market today. It is designed as a one-time heat application to eliminate even the most difficult bed bug infestation.

Science tells us that bed bugs, at all life stages and their eggs, will die when exposed to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the bed bug thermal death point is reached, the heating process is continued for up to 5 hours to ensure all spots in your home reach that level of heat to kill all of the bed bugs and their eggs.

Just as important, we provide a 30-day guarantee to our one-and-done heat solution to your bed bug problem.