They not only make us squirm and jump, cockroaches’ tendency to dwell around waste deposits and in kitchen areas make these pests apt to spreading diseases. There are several different kinds of cockroaches, with some able to emit odors, and others able to produce sounds, such as hissing or chirping. These insects will enter our households through cracks, vents, sewers, drain pipes, or even on grocery bags and purses. But why is a home the ideal breeding spot for cockroaches?


A cockroach is a beetle-like scavenging insect with long antennae, six legs, and some with wings, although they’re still not likely to fly. One of the most common questions professionals receive about cockroaches is regarding their behavior toward humans. In fact, cockroaches are omnivores, feeding on both plants and animals, so while it’s not the norm, there have certainly been instances of cockroaches biting humans, causing lesions, irritation, and swelling.


Unfortunately, cockroaches reproduce quickly, as the female American roach, for example, will reproduce six to 90 times in her lifetime, with 15 embryos each time. This means that if you see one of these insects inside your home or business, there are likely many more, multiplying in well-hidden places. Moreover, cockroaches are great at hiding, and their eggs are naturally protected from the kind of insecticides you would find at the store. For these reasons, it is ineffective to try to handle a cockroach infestation without advanced equipment and professional knowledge.

Contact an expert from Squared Away Pest Control with any questions or inquiries, and in the meantime, you can learn about why your house might be the perfect breeding environment for cockroaches:


Plenty of food:

In most cases, we find cockroach infestations to be located in kitchen, or food preparation areas. Sometimes restaurants can be hit with a cockroach infestation.


Provides appropriate environment:

Cockroaches tend to prefer dark, moist places to hide and breed.


Nesting sites:

They can remain active all year round.