Mosquitoes have been known to cause some very dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria. Thankfully, in New England, the handful of 3,500 mosquito species discovered here tend to cause itchy, sometimes large bites, but rarely disease.


Mosquitos do not contribute significantly to nature, but are a food source for larger animals. For fish, birds, lizards, frogs, bats and other animals, they are a key, but not sole, food source.


These pesky winged insects are usually out in April to mid-October, and the most popular time for them to come out is dusk. Blood type O is the most common target, and mosquitoes tend to like damp areas, plants, trees, and bushes. If your property is near water or remains damp after rain, you have probably experienced the frustration of mosquito bites.


We want you to enjoy your outdoor spaces. If you’ve tried everything to get rid of mosquitoes and are tired of itching bites during the nice weather months, call Squared Away Pest Control.